Cancel train ticket online using PNR number

Before getting into cancelling of your ticket, let us first understand that there are multiple ways of booking your ticket.

  1. Online
  2. Offline
  3. Travel Agent

Cancelling tickets online using PNR number

Only tickets that were booked through online can be cancelled though the irctc website. It’s not possible to cancel your railway ticket online using PNR number alone and without logging into irctc website.

Procedure to cancel railway ticket online
1. Log on to
2. Click print/cancel ticket option.
3. Select the radio button corresponding to the PNR number that you want to cancel.
4. Choose the passengers whose itinerary should be cancelled.
5. Press cancel.

Cancelling tickets booked through a reservation counter

Kindly approach any of the railway advanced reservation booking counters. You need to go to the same center where you booked your ticket.
Fill-in the cancellation form and stand in the reservation queue. When your turn comes, tender the form at the counter, show your id-proof and collect the refund amount. It is advisable to carry some change, so that you won’t struggle there.