eWallet account of IRCTC

IRCTC eWallet is an online account, where you can deposit small amounts of money, so that you can quickly book your tickets with the money, without the need of logging into your back accounts or credit card accounts.  All you need to do is deposit some amount to your IRCTC eWallet account form your bank or credit-card. The real benefits of eWallet account can be perceived when you deposit amount sufficient enough to book five to 10 tickets, depending on how frequently you book tickets. If you are a frequent traveller, you better deposit slightly higher amounts, so you can avoid logging into your bank accounts regularly. Tip: Keep the IRCTC password more secure, if you deposit money on your eWallet or the account can be hacked and the money deposited may be misused. Kindly note, as of now, you cannot book tickets using eWallet from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and this constraint renders the whole idea of eWallet, sometimes, useless. eWallet is similar to eBay account or a freecharge account. If you are not used to such account, please refer to eWallet user guide.