PNR status on mobile phone

In order to check PNR-status on mobile through SMS using free service, SMS your 10-digit PNR number to 139 or kindly use below WebApp in your mobile to receive pnr status as SMS.

Getting PNR status on mobile using SMS

If you are browsing this page from an Android phone or Android tablet, use below link to send SMS and get your pnr status on mobile phone. 

139 Railway (paid) service

Below is an example to show how you check pnr status on mobile phone. You just need to send "PNR" followed by your 10 digit PNR number.
Send to: 
139 is a premium service from Indian Railways and your mobile operator might charge you around Rs 3/- for every SMS sent to this number. One the left is an example to show how quick you can do this right on your mobile.

Using your smart phone

Light version to check pnr status Mobile version to check pnr status[/caption]If you are viewing this page from a PC or Mac, kindly visit our mobile page Alternatively, you can shoot below QR code to check PNR status from a mobile.

Google's Mobile Service (+91) 97733-00000 (a free service)

The mobile PNR status services offered through mobile number 9773300000 are free. However, it will cost you a local SMS in Maharastra and a national SMS outside Maharastra. All you need to do is just send your 10 digit PNR number as shown below.
Send to: Message:
The number 9773300000 is a search service from Google and has been fine tuned for various Indian railways train enquiries of IRCTC. You also can get your PNR Status as an SMSNote: Google seems to have discontinued this service - so do not use 9773300000 service until further update.
How to get PNR status on mobile

Using 5676747 service

Send to: Message: 
5676747 is a premium service. Your mobile operator might charge you around Rs 3/- for every SMS sent to this number.Below are steps and enjoy information at the comfort of your mobile phone.

How to get PNR Status through mobile using SMS?

To flash PNR status on mobile phone, enter your 10 digit PNR number (that's it) printed on the top of your railway ticket and send it to 97733-00000. This mobile page is compatible with WindowsMobile8, Android (all versions, including Jelly Bean and KitKat) and Blackberry browser. Also compatible with all desktop browsers, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE9 and IE10.