Railway Budget of India

  • Railway Budget 2016-17Suresh Prabhu announced railway budget 2016-17 on 25th February 2016. He announced that he wanted to keep the railways face competitive when compared to the other modes of transport ­ especially. Road and Air.

    Below is a slide show of the highlights of the Railway Budget 2016-17

    Below presentation captures the low-level summary of the railway budget presented by Suresh Prabhu in the budget-session of the Parliament of India.

    Highlights of 2016-17 Indian Railway Budget

    1. Mission ‘zero accident’ to prevent train mishaps from the year 2016. Target Date: 2017 March.
    2. Passenger Fares Unchanged
    3. Freight rates unchanged
    4. Three new super fast trains by the year 2019
      1. Humsafar ­ fully 3AC service with option of meals
      2. Tejas will run at 130 KMPH, with entertainment services and wi-fi.
      3. Uday will be an overnight double-decker train
      4. Utkrishit will be a double-decker AC on business routes – between Delhi and Mumbai
  • Railway Budget 2014-15 – Highlights & lowlights – New Trains and budget amount
    • Highlights of Railway Budget 2014-1572 New Trains are announced to use the coaches produced from new factories
    • Train fares have NOT been revised during 2014-15 railway budget
    • Connectivity to Meghalaya state of India
    • 17 Premium Trains, called Jai Hind on busy and demanding routes where wait listed tickets are issues all 365 days.
    • Fund-collection from corporates to create Green Curtain along tracks, which is a good move. Just images you see all trees, throughout your journey.
    • Here is the complete transcript of the railway budget -http://pnrstatusenquiry.com/railway-budget-2014-15-speech-by-mallikarjun-kharge/
    Railway Budget-Kharge
    Railway Budget by Mallikarjun Kharge
    • More dividend than what was promised. Rs. 7815 Crore vs projected Rs. 6300 Crores.
    • Slightly higher freight earnings, thanks to extract 50 million tonnes of cargo.
    • The above picture depicts the what financial effect the previous railway budget has on this years railway budget.

    Circular for Finance Budget of India 2014-15

    The budget circular has been released by the Ministry of Finance for the financial year 2014-15. The same has been circulated among all Ministries and departments. A copy of the circular is available at the official website

    Mallikarjun Kharge shall announce Railway budget for the financial year 2014-15 in March 2014, a day before the Finance Minister of India present the Indian Finance Budget.
    Mallikarjun Kharge (72) was born in Bidar in 1942 and he assumed the office of the Ministry of Railways from June 2013.

    The expectation of this budget is still unknown as of 3rd January 2014, however, state governments have been demanding for a major pies for their own states.

    Watch the videos of previous budgets

    News on Railway Budget 2014-15

    Highlights of Railway Budget 2014-15

    PK Bansal shall announce railway budget 2013-2014 in March 2013.

    • Railway Budget 2014-15 Live, by Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansals debug Budget


      67 new express trains, 27 passenger trains and 8 DEMUs

      88 more local locomotives (MMTS).

    New trains shall be announced in Railway budget 2014-15 but not sure what they will be?

    67 new express trains, 27 passenger trains and 8 DEMUs

    The following trains shall, tentatively, be announced for this year during the budget announcement.

    • Andhra Pradesh – New Train
    • West Bengal – New Trains
    • Karnataka, Bangalore – 1 Train
    • Bihar
    • New Delhi
    • Mumbai, Maharastra
    • Kolkota
    • Kerala
    • Tamil Nadu

    Railway Budget 2014-15 (2014) Speech by Railway Minister for the financial year 2014-15

    Railway Minister, Kharge shall announe railway budget for the year 2014-2015. Many states have their wishlist and the central govt. is trying to fit the wish-lists as much as possible in this railway budget.

    Mamata Benerjee’s Budget Speech 2012-13

    Railway Budget 2011-2012 – Part II

    Railway Budget 2013-214 – Part III

    Railway Budget 2014 News

    New Trains for 2013-14

    The budget amount for 2013-2014 railway budget is 50000 Crores and there are several new trains announced, and most of them are starting from West Bengal.

  • Railway Budget 2014-15. Govt. Honolulu Approves Budget for fiscal 2015The Rapid Transportation Authority of Honolulu approved the railway budget for the fiscal 2015, that is 2014-15.
    The total budget for 2014-15 is $1.5 billion.
  • Railway Budget 2013-14. Bansal says it’s a balanced railway budget.India’s Railway minister Bansal said that Railway budget of the year 2013-14 shall be balanced and equal importance shall be given to all regions of India. Bansal also stressed that he doesn’t show partiality to any region.

    Odisha now wants ₹3,050 crore of railway budget allocation in 2013-14

    Odisha Transport minister Subrat Tarai said “A committee of the assembly led by Speaker P K Amat will submit the memorandum in this regard to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal next month. The House panel has prepared a list of projects which required urgent attention”
    He also said “This apart, we will also demand establishment of a multi-model logistic park at Kalinga Nagar and filling of all technical posts in East Coast Zone in order to expedite activities”