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      PNR status enquiry is now quicker than ever and lovely. Use this form to check your pnr-status the fastest possible train-way at a speed of over 150KMPH. However the speed comes with a risk – a risk of no results, in which case you have to use an official forum for all your enquiries. This tool to check pnr status brings you the state of the art system where you can find the status of any pnr (Passenger name record) number in just about 10 seconds. We have made this website mobile friendly for the convenience of our customers.

Please Note: You will receive PNR status updates as and when the state of your ticket changes from one pool to a different pool, say, from WL to RAC or from RAC to CNF. For example, if your ticket was in wait-list and when it becomes RAC (reservation against cancellation) or confirmed (CNF), you will get an automated SMS with the updated status. This service is available to all domestic passengers of Indian Railways, without any additional cost.

Quick Help
PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. Indian Railways rotates the PNR numbers in order to keep this as short as 10 digits. This number to be used as reference for all enquiries (inkwaries) done henceforth.

CNF – Confirmed Ticket

Confirmed tickets are those using which the passenger is allowed to travel with that itinerary. You’ll be lucky to get a CNF ticket, either you book well in advance or the timings of the train are so bad that public doesn’t prefer the train being booked. Some passengers book more than 1 ticket if they travel plan is tentative, in which case, he/she would cancel all the unwanted tickets as as when their travel plan gets fixed. It worth noting that there will be hefty cancellation charges if you do not cancel a ticket well in advance (at least two days in advance of the travel date as of the year 2015). However, cancellation of unconfirmed tickets doesn’t cost you much, no matter when the tickets are cancelled.

Flushed PNRs

When you see flushed PNR, it could mean that the number you entered is incorrect. It could also mean that the you are referring to an old and used ticket. Since we have a limited number number of digits, there could be a total number of 10 to the power of 10 (ie., 10 billion) numbers. Owing to the fact that there are millions of railway travellers a month, this 10 digit numbers will run out easily, especially in countries in India and US where the population is high. This will enforce the government of India and the ministry of railways to flush the PNR numbers when the same is no longer required to be stored and tracked – flushing is generally done 7 days after the date of journey. Don’t worry, your PNR number will not be re-issued to another railway passenger for a reasonably long period of time, so your privacy is guaranteed by the Indian Railways.

Important Information on Tatkal Waitlist (CKWL) Tickets

Read this carefully if you have ever booked or planning to book a waiting list ticket in tatkal quota.

[Last updated: July 2015] Tatkal waiting list hardly gets confirmed. Never bet on these tickets if you need to have a must trip. Even if you get Tatkal WL -1 (ie., CKWL-1), the odds are hight that your ticket will not get confirmed and it won’t even become RAC (reservation against cancellation). The reason for this being the lowest priority given to CKWL. Only after all the normal wait-list tickets are confirmed, tatkal wait-list tickets are processed.

Getting an SMS to use as IRCTC train ticket

Below is the procedure to get an SMS on your mobile number in-order to use it as a travel ticket.

Login to IRCTC website with your use-id and password. Register a new account if you do not have an account. Click on My Transactions and choose Booked Ticket History from the menu as shown in the picture below.

My transactions at irctc website

Select one of the tickets listed by selecting the radio-button.


Click Get SMS button. Accept that you can send a maximum of 5 sms. In addtion to that you can send an SMS yourself only 2 days before the date of journey. Kindly note that an SMS was already sent to you at the time of booking the train ticket. See more information on PNR status enquiry on SMS.

PNR status enquiry form and user guide