PNR status enquiry is now quicker than ever and lovely. Use this form to check your pnr-status the fastest possible train-way at a speed of over 150KMPH. However the speed comes with a risk - a risk of no results, in which case you have to use an official forum for all your enquiries. PNR status enquiry brings you the state of the art pnr-enquiry system where you can check the status of your PNR in just about 5 seconds.

PNR Enquiry

While the government continues to improve the user experience, as you can see, the number of citizens using PNR enquiry services is increasing day by day, especially during the early 2014. It is not surprising to see that most of service providers have been facing bottle necks in this regard, but the latest updates say that the condition is improving with time and money. You can quickly do your PNR enquiry and find your berth confirmation status, so that you know which compartment of the train to board when you arrive at the railway station.

All you need to do is secure your money and spend just as how much you should and do not spend much on your gadgets. Sometimes checking your pnr-status on your mobile might be interesting and quick. You need not have to have a GPRS connection for this, but you can just use the SMS and/or MMS facility on your mobile device, be it a tablet or a cellphone. You can also check out enquiries using mobile here, but wait, you need to use your gadget for this, or it could just drop as much as you can.

Why am I seeing flushed PNR?

When you see flushed PNR, it could mean that the number you entered is "wrong". It could also mean that the you are referring to a very very old ticket. Since we have a limited number number of digits, viz., 10, there could be a total number of 10 to the power of 10 (ie., 10 billion) numbers. Owing to the fact that there are millions of railway travellers a month, this 10 digit numbers will run out easily, especially in countries in India and US where the population is high. This will enforce the government of India to flush the PNR numbers when the same is no longer required. Don't worry, your PNR number will not be re-issued to another railway passenger for a reasonably long time, so your privacy is guaranteed by Indian Railways.

PNR status enquiry form and brochure

PNR status enquiry application form for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS7

PNR enquiry services are available at all major cities, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Kolkota and all other major cities in India. Kindly send us your feedback to