Check and Enquire your irctc pnr-status in one page

Please fill in your 10 digit IRCTC PNR number in the status enquiry form below to get the current reservation status. You can see the number of digits entered below the form.

Quickly confirm your reservation status using our PNR Status enquiry system. Our website is so cool that you can check pnr status on this website in just a few seconds, without even logging in. We have also made a Hindi version of enquiry system available to you, in case you prefer it that way.

Enter the PNR Number to check PNR status

Tip: PNR is a 10 digit number

To check PNR status on mobile as SMS, SMS your 10 digit PNR Number to (+91)9773300000.

Please Note: You will receive IRCTC PNR status updates on your mobile as and when the state of your ticket changes, for example, when the position changes from WL to RAC or from RAC to CNF. For example, if your ticket was in wait-list and when it becomes reservation against cancellation (aka. RAC) or CoNFirmed (aka CNF), you will get an automated SMS with the updated state. This service is available to all domestic passengers of Indian Railways, at no additional cost.


How to book ticket?

You can buy various classes of ticket either from the physical IRCTC railway ticket counters or from an travel-agent. You can also book a ticket online at irctc website or at any agent website, using your credit-card, debit card or net-banking account. You do not need a printer to travel in the train. Just the SMS will do. Here is a detailed guide to book a train ticket in India.

What is PNR?

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. It is a unique identification number, just like your passport number or your telephone number. In case of air-travel, multiple flights are combined into a single one, especially when you have connecting flights from the same airlines or affiliated airlines.

In case of Indian Railways, the old numbers are flushed and re-used a few months after their use. This is an attempt to keep the it as short as 10 digits. This number must be used by passenger for all further correspondence with respect to the journey. Common typos used in India for inquiry is “inkwari”, especially by the semi-literates.

What is the meaning of CNF in railways?

A CNF is a frequently used abbreviation used for the word confirmed. If you status is displayed as CNF when you inquired your pnr status, congratulations! Happy journey! You are now allowed to travel with that itinerary. If you had booked more than 1 ticket that is generally done when the travel-date is tentative, you should now go ahead and cancel all the unwanted tickets. It is worth noting that there will be a hefty cancellation charges if you do not cancel a ticket well in advance, so consider cancelling your ticket at least two days ahead of the date of travel mentioned on the ticket. The cancellation fees have been revised as of 1st January 2016. However, cancellation of unconfirmed tickets doesn’t cost you much, no matter when the tickets are cancelled. See revised irctc reservation cancellation fee.

Important Information on Tatkal Waitlist Tickets (also known as, CKWL)

Read this carefully if you have ever booked or planning to book a waiting list ticket in tatkal quota.

The wait-listed tickets under Tatkal quota hardly gets confirmed. Never bet on these tickets if you need to have a must trip. Even if you get Tatkal WL/1 (ie., CKWL-1). The chances are very high that you will get surprises at the end.
Only after all the normal wait-list tickets are confirmed, tatkal wait-listed tickets are processed.

Getting an SMS to use as IRCTC train ticket

Below is the procedure to get an SMS on your mobile number in-order to use it as a travel ticket.

Log-on to IRCTC website with your use-id and password. Register a new account if you do not have an account. Click on My Transactions and choose Booked Ticket History from the menu as shown in the picture below.

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Select one of the tickets listed by selecting the radio-button.


Click Get SMS button. Accept that you can send a maximum of 5 sms. In addition to that you can send an SMS yourself only 2 days before the date of journey. Kindly note that an SMS was already sent to you at the time of booking the train ticket. See more information on PNR status enquiry on SMS.

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We provide real-time pnr status updates to the passengers of Superfast expresses, Rajadhani Express and Shatabdi Express and help them have a happy journey.